Friday, November 2, 2012


Tristan is amazing us more and more each day!  We feel blessed.  Lately he has decided to start playing with toys and reading books - two things he had no interest in before.  He has really started interacting more and more with his young brother Jake.  This picture from Halloween is the first time we were not only able to get him to stand next to Jake, but to look at the camera.  He did this on command.  This simple task is such a big deal in our world.   He continues to be very loving towards others.  Just wanted to show some updated pictures of him and how he is growing so fast!  Tristan is currently not on antibiotics but remains on probiotics, Vitamin D and other herbal supplements.  His continued progress amazes those who know him best. 

 Another big development in our lives is that Tristan has been accepted to receive an autism trained service dog from Retrieving Freedom Inc.  We found out that he should receive a service dog within the next six months!!!  We are so excited for him.  If you want more information on how these dogs will help Tristan, we have set up a blog site "A Dog For Tristan" at .
This is a picture of Tristan with service dog, "Tu", at a fundraiser set up by my inlaws, Mark and Denise Kuhn, this summer.  It is amazing how these dogs have such a calming affect on him.
Tristan and I are doing much better these days.  Although in the past I have taken breaks from treatment, I am currently on continued antibiotic treatment along with herbal and other natural supplements.  I continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet daily (organic as much as possible).  Physically I am feeling 95% better than when I starting treatment almost 3 years ago.   We are taking things one day at a time.   We feel so blessed to have found the Lyme Disease when we did.  It has changed our lives and our son's for the better!


  1. Hi... I just watched your husband's presentation at the ILADS conference and came to check out your blog. I was just diagnosed with Lyme after being misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia for 16 years. I've had 2 children in that time and, while they don't have signs of autism like your son, they do have some symptoms that concern me and am thinking of getting them tested soon. So... I was reading through your blog and was pleasantly surprised to learn that you are in Iowa. I live in Waterloo. So, I'm hoping maybe we could chat from time to time. I just started a blog as well... I do also have a page for it on Facebook, so maybe we can connect there? Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Hi I just watched your husbands presentation at the ILADS conference - thanks to you both for sharing your journey. Keep blogging because it will be so useful for others to share.
    I started my Looking at Lyme blog in November 2009 now with over 129000 page views so far and between 400-500 page views a day I am hoping it helps raise awareness as well as being a useful resource for me.
    I will share your blog with Facebook friends in the Autism world and come back to read some more later.

    Good luck with your treatment and that of your son

  3. I just wrote something on my blog about your husband's excellent presentation and mentioned your blog.
    If there are any inaccuracies or any problems with what I have written about you please let me know and I will edit.
    Good luck with your journey to recovery and thank you for sharing.

    1. Corah we live in Cedar Falls!!! We should definitely connect online and could meet sometime! Glad you enjoyed my blog. Our story is so remarkable and complicated. I decided to write it all down for my record and also to help someone going through some or all of the same issues we were and continue to. Please let me know your facebook page info.
      Joanne, the info you have on Mason's presentation and me is all correct. Thanks for sharing it with others, that's all we want it to get this information out there to help kids and adults who are suffering from this crazy disease. Thanks again, and yes I will continue to update our journey.

    2. I have a new website. Check it out! Talk all about healthy diet, autism, Lyme and more!

  4. Hi I have a similar story I had a lot of health problems before and after the birth of my boys. I had Shingles MRSA and impetigo infections. I am from CT everyone I know has Lymse. I have never been tested. I had my 5 year old tested and it came back negative. I know there are alot of false negatives. I was wondering did you provoke lymse in your children with natural or regular antibiotics? Thank you

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