Monday, February 27, 2012

Antibiotic Treatment

I have been on antibiotic treatment now for over 2 years.  The first six months I was on antibiotics, starting in the Spring 2010, I showed no improvement in my symptoms.  I didn't seem to feel worse or better so the decision was made to start a PICC line in my arm.  I didn't realize it at the time that I was going to have it for over a year.  Although it was a slow process, I gradually started feeling better and better with the IV antibiotic treatment....It only took a year and a half to say that with confidence!!! 

Early on in treatment (about the time I got the PICC line) my husband and I thought we would make a box and put in every pill box, every IV syringe I had to use and see how much medication it would take before I started feeling better.  The box turned into a plastic crate and spilled into another crate.  I wanted to just visually see how much medication was needed to get me JUST on the road to recovery.   The picture below shows just how much it has taken (although I was originally told just two week of antibiotics would do it!)  It is mind blowing!


  1. Thanks for sharing your post. We should be aware of taking antibiotics for the treatment of our illness, unless it is subscribed by the doctor.

    1. We were under the care of a Lyme Literate doctor and did blood work every 3 months. I was on IV antibiotics for a year and am completely all better. Here is my update website that dives into many other things that also help my health.
      I have a new website. Check it out! Talk all about healthy diet, autism, Lyme and more!

  2. How are you and your son doing today? I have Lyme and so does my son.

    1. I have a new website. Check it out! Talk all about healthy diet, autism, Lyme and more!

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